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HBN is Back - Game Restarted - Now Easier

Hogwarts by Night

We pride ourselves to be a board for advanced role-players, but gentle enough to encourage new players to learn as well. We are striving to create a community of friends and players who love literature and creative fantasy.

(2005) The world is dark, it is changed each time another gathers in the mist. You must choose, will you become one who can feel the ground moving beneath your feet, turning and changing.. or will you just let it pass by?

The Castle of Hogwarts sits atop a hill, do you see it.. or is it just a decrepit ruin? They walk in the light. Magic flows in their very being. One day they will become history. One day the school books will contain their names. Hogwarts is in peril, the dark lord wakes and rises once more, like the morning sun it is inevitable.

Hogwarts by Night is a unique blend of fantasy and reality, past and present day creatures. The world is what you make it and make of it. Weave yourself a wicked web or tread the path of the righteous. Push the boundaries of imagination and harness creativity. The world is what you make of it at Hogwarts by Night

Our Rules (Really Simple)
Registration Form
Our Questions & Help Form

The Game has been completely refreshed with new features, our board is based off of Harry Potter and other Literature. Vampire: Masquerade and World of Darkness Welcome to come play! We also feature an Art Gallery for Potter and WOD Artist's, and our own Blogging pages for Character or Personal Journals.
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